Rectocele Mesh Complications

What Are the Rectocele Mesh Complications?

Rectocele mesh complications are common among women. Complications includes urinary problem, problems during sexual intercourse, pain, bleeding, perforation of the sex organs, and infection.

Additional surgery is or may be needed to treat these complications.

Physical problem and also mental problems are noted in patients who have undergone rectocele surgery.

There are tests which are used to diagnose rectocele. One test is pelvic floor fluoroscopy. This is a type of x-ray test that shows the movements of your bladder, vagina and rectum.

Another test is defecography. In this test, barium is placed in your rectum via your anus then you push the barium out as if you’re doing a bowel movement.

X-rays are then taken to show the picture of the rectum and anus. In this way, doctor can know the changes happening in the patients’ rectum during bowel movement.

There are more several tests that are used by doctors to diagnose rectocele.

Warnings About Mesh Complications

July 2011 is the month when a warning was issued for healthcare providers regarding Rectocele Mesh Complications.

The rectocele mesh complication is one that appears when a vaginal mesh introduced into the body of a woman who suffers from pelvic organs prolapse such as the rectal prolapse.

These women do not have the end of the large intestine at its right place as when the vaginal tissues stretched and loosened, they became unable to sustain it in its right place.

Unfortunately, complications appear when the mesh introduced is a faulty one, so the woman suffers infections, severe pains and perforation of certain pelvic organs.

These complications are very dangerous and in many cases, they can only be solved through a new surgery in order to remove the faulty mesh.

This means additional costs, pain and emotional stress, so the victim is eligible for financial compensations with the help of a rectocele lawsuit.


It is known that the medical field is already alarmed and worried about the increasing cases of rectocele mesh complications.

It seems that the number continuously goes up.

The heightening prevalence of this situation has piqued the attention of the Food and Drug Administration. Finally, the bureau has already seen the need for its interference in the issue.

The medical sector cannot handle this alone, it is a work that involves many departments.

A public statement is one of the first actions taken by FDA in the light of this matter. FDA strongly called for critical discernment before undergoing this procedure.

Since the procedure can potentially put the life of the person in danger, women should indeed think twice before committing to the surgery.

If other options are available, they should be prioritized.

The rectocele repair should already be considered as the last resort. FDA even strongly encouraged shifting back to traditional treatments and surgeries because of the lesser risks involved.


Several women have been reported to suffer from pain or trauma due to effects that have been directly linked to vaginal mesh surgery.

Rectocele mesh complications have been reported to be the most common of them all. It includes erosion of the mesh to the vagina which may require additional surgery.

Women who have undergone rectocele mesh surgery have also been reported to suffer from mental and physical problems. This is due to experiencing extreme pain during sex, infection, urinary problems, and inflammation of the tissues and scarring of the vagina.

These are only some of the effects that women reported experiencing after undergoing rectocele mesh surgery.

To cure or treat these negative side effects, additional surgeries may be required which can increase expenditure and can be troublesome for others.

This is considered to be wasteful especially when the whole process of using a surgical mesh does not seem to work anymore.

What You Should Do

Indeed, the occurrence of rectocele mesh complications is a very serious matter. If left unattended, these complications can cause problems that are much more serious and dangerous.

Thus, immediate medical attention should be devoted to these complications to prevent them from worsening.

These rectocele mesh complications could have been avoided beforehand if women have been more vigilant and aware about the risks of such procedure. In addition, doctors may have also played a role on the rapid spread of these rectocele mesh complications.

If they could have explained more clearly the risks involved with the procedure, the number of cases could have been reduced significantly.

However, it is also realistic to say that even if doctors do their part, the cases may not be entirely prevented.

Now, women who find themselves suffering from rectocele mesh complications should seek financial assistance for the medical requirements and needs. They can also seek the assistance of a lawyer to help them with their demands.

Post Author: P. Jenn