Rectocele Repair Surgery

Rectocele Repair surgery

Suffering From Rectocele Repair surgery Do you know in which conditions women have to suffer a Rectocele Repair surgery? The answer is very simple: they suffered from a condition called rectocele prolapse (prolapse of the rectum as result of the fact that the tissues stretched) and they had to undergo a mesh surgery. Unfortunately, the […]

Rectocele Mesh Complications

Rectocele Mesh Complications

What Are the Rectocele Mesh Complications? Rectocele mesh complications are common among women. Complications includes urinary problem, problems during sexual intercourse, pain, bleeding, perforation of the sex organs, and infection. Additional surgery is or may be needed to treat these complications. Physical problem and also mental problems are noted in patients who have undergone rectocele […]

Rectocele Repair

Rectocele & Rectocele Repair

Things You Should Know About Rectocele Repair There is still a widespread lack of understanding and awareness of the true nature of rectocele repair. The overall goal of rectocele repair is to fix or repair of the hernia of the bowels of the vagina. Women who complain from severe discomfort and pain from bulging vagina […]